Comics Costumes

Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, Catwoman, Wonder Woman

by Holly Messinger

I am no longer in the costuming business. These pages remain only for historical reference.

PLEASE NOTE: All the images on this page are the property of the models and their photographers.
As the creator of these costumes I have been granted permission to display them here.
YOU do not have permission to display them anywhere, ever, period. Please don't steal other people's artwork.

Me (Harley) and a friend at ConQuesT, Kansas City, 2002.
Both costumes patterned and constructed by me. This was the first cosplay I ever did.
Holly Messinger Harley Quinn costume, Shara as Poison Ivyphoto by Chaz Boston Baden

Harley Quinn cocktail dress in taffeta, my original design. Modeled here by Elise Archer.

Batgirl costume made for and worn by Neppa.
Inspired by the work of Bruce Timm, patterned and constructed by me.

Classic Wonder Woman, Noelle. Alt/fetish Wonder Woman, Karla Lant.
Both costumes made by me, my patterns. Photos used with permission and may not be reused.
Some of the more popular variations on Harley Quinn's look. All patterned and constructed by me as special commissions.
Inspired by the Arkham Asylum Video game. Photo courtesy Sirose Loyola. Inspired by the Harley and Ivy story, "Hooray for Hollywood." Photo courtesy Elise Archer.
Inspired by Batgirl Adventures No. 1, "Oy to the World." Photo courtesy Elise Archer. Inspired by "The Women of DC" Poster, drawn by Adam Hughes. Photo courtesy Elise Archer.

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