Tai Chi and Kung Fu

Performed by Holly Messinger

For the last ten years I have studied kung fu and tai chi with Sifu Chun Man Sit in Kansas City, Missouri. Below are some photos and videos taken during demos and competitions.

Six Elbows Staff form at Lied Center's China Festival, University of Kansas, Fall 2011.

Grand Champion competition at Tai Chi Legacy, Dallas, 2011.

Me performing fan form at Tai Chi Legacy/Legends of Kung Fu 2011. It's too fast, but I did get the gold in this division.

My staff form from that same tournament. The beginning is shaky, but it gets better.

My sword form at the Grand Champion finals, Tai Chi Legacy, Dallas, 2011. I had kind of a mini-enlightenment during the tournament; I realized why everyone kept telling me to slow down. This is still not great, but Sit said it was the best performance I've done. So it's getting there.

Sifu Chun Man Sit, performing our competition form. We call it the "kicks" form.

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